12 Mar 22, 2018 03:00

The Cryptogram team welcomes you!

Good afternoon friends!

The Cryptogram team welcomes you!

Every single day, more and more new people come to us - investors, partners and just interested enthusiasts, who are involved in the world of crypto-currencies and exchange trading. And first of all, each of them is interested in the specifics of our company, eager to know what developments we are participating in and what goals we set ourselves. So, today let's talk about our company in more detail.

Cryptogram is a unique project that allows you to earn money on the crypto-currency market without too much effort. The two most important components of the project are our highly qualified team of programmers, traders and experts in the financial sphere, and, of course, our joint brainchild, which is the unique analytical program Cryptogram. The program is based on today's most advanced financial algorithm and, thanks to the successful integration of AI based on neural network technology, it is able to predict fluctuations in exchange rates and changes in the global market better than any living trader. By now, the system already proves to be up to 175% more efficient than any existing trader's tool - and it's far from the limit!

Why do we share such unique technology with the world? What is our benefit? Why not just sell our product to larger companies? The answer is simple - at the moment, attracting open investments is the most effective solution. We are sure that the uniqueness and usability of the system will bring the world fame to our project.

How is our project able to provide a stable profit for our investors, as well as for the company itself? In fact, everything is much simpler than it might seem:

1. A user opens a deposit, transferring his own funds to the company.

2. The funds provided by a large number of users are combined into a kind of "financial pool" - a common account, which accumulates a large amount of money.

3. Cryptogram carries out automatic analysis, providing the most accurate market forecast based on the collected data.

4. At the right time, the traders of our company purchase, exchange and withdraw currencies. Being completely paid off, the funds of the "financial pool" are redistributed among the investors.

5. The rest of the revenue is used to maintain the servers and the system as a whole, and constitutes the profit of the project.

We hope that we were able to help you look at the inside work of our company and understand the essence of the system.

Join the promising project and start the journey to your financial freedom with us!

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