What shall I do if I haven’t found an answer to my question?

If you haven’t found an answer you’ve been looking for, please contact our Support service team.

Can any third parties get any info about my transactions or profits?

None of your personal information is distributed to third parties. We have a strict privacy policy.

Is your service reliable in terms of personal data and money storing, and protected from hacking?

Yes, our service is absolutely reliable: we have a powerful Anti-DDOS protection, SSL certificate and we use a proven high-quality script.

Am I obliged to invite new members?

No, it’s not necessary to invite other members to the project, yet it may become a good source of income for you.

What kind of affiliate program do you offer?

We offer an affiliate program, where you can get 5% of your 1 level partners’ deposits, 3% of your 2 level partners’, 1 of your 3 level partners’ and 0,5% from 4 & 5 level partners’.

Do I have to make a deposit in order to take part in the affiliate program?

It’s not necessary to make a deposit to participate in our standard affiliate program. In order to take part in our representative affiliate program, you need to make a deposit according to the partnership conditions.

Does the project offer a partnership program?

Yes, thanks to our affiliate program you can receive stable and continuous additional income by inviting other people to join the project.

Can I create several deposits at once?

You can create an unlimited amount of deposits.

How soon will the funs appear on my account balance after the payment is processed?

The funds are placed to an account instantly.

How do I replenish my account balance?

You can use various payment systems: Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin.

How do I withdraw money?

You need to open the “Transactions” tab and click on “Withdraw funds”.

How often is the profit accrued?

Profit is accrued every day according to the conditions of a chosen investment plan.

How and when can I submit a withdrawal request?

Withdrawal request can be created anytime in your Personal backoffice.

Is there any withdrawal fee?

No, we do not charge a withdrawal fee.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount is $1.

What is the minimum and maximum investment amount?

Minimum investment amount is $10, maximum amount is $5000.

Who can take part in the investment program?

Any person of the legal age in his/her country; resident of any country.

Am I allowed to create more than one account?

Each client is allowed to create only one single account. The exceptions can be: family members, friends or client’s partners who use the same computer or IP address. Yet they are prohibited to use your referral link.

What shall I do if my password doesn’t work / if I forget my password?

First you should check the password accuracy and your keyboard layout. If it doesn’t help, use the password recovery option.

How do I become an investor?

First of all, you need to register. This is a simple action that takes only a few seconds. Right after the registration process, you will be able to open a deposit in your Personal Account.

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