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Cryptogram is a unique project that allows you to earn money on the crypto-currency market without too much effort. To do this, you don’t need to understand the complex nuances of Blockchain system and financial exchanges. We provide you with an absolutely passive income without any risks. By transferring your funds to our company’s trust management fund, you receive a fixed percentage of profit.

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Our team consists of highly qualified programmers, traders, stock analysts and experts in the field of economics and finance. Over the past five years, with our joint efforts we have developed a unique analytical program called Cryptogram, which is able to predict fluctuations in exchange rates and changes in the global market better than any living trader. Thanks to many years of experience of our specialists, we have created the most advanced financial algorithm and at the moment we are successfully integrating AI based on neural network technology. By now, the self-learning autonomous system already proves to be up to 175% more efficient than any existing trader's tool, by completely eliminating the subjective human factor.

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  • Official company

    Cryptogram is an officially registered company in London, UK. You can find all the necessary documentation and contact information on our website.

  • Modern technologies

    Our technical engineers and analysts have developed a unique, convenient and fully automated system for working with crypto-currencies.

  • Trust management

    Receive up to 25% of net profit per month, investing with us.

  • Simple and affordable

    The minimum investment amount is $10. To start getting a stable income, you don’t need any special skills or knowledge.

  • Maximum transparency

    The company publishes weekly reports on all purchase-sale transactions. Follow our news channels and always stay informed!

  • Affiliate program

    Thanks to the developed affiliate program, you can build your own team of investors and receive passive income without making personal investments.



4% daily
(40 days)
40 days Term of the deposit10 - 1999 usd Amount
4.5% daily
(40 days)
40 days Term of the deposit2001 - 4999 usd Amount


5% Of the Deposit referral


  • Address: 7 Cadogan Place, North Heath Lane, Horsham, England, RH12 5AP
  • Phone: Soon
  • E-mail: [email protected]

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